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Central Coast Surrogacy recognizes that our Surrogate Mothers are among the best and recognizes the sacrifices they make to help another family’s dream come true. Not everyone who applies is accepted into our program and not everyone accepted will match. This is why we fully support our Surrogates each step of the way, from completing your application and profile, talking about any concerns, making through the matching and legal process, and provide caring support through your pregnancy and birth. 


Becoming a surrogate is a big decision, as is picking Surrogate. We do have qualifications that must be met in order to qualify for Surrogacy. These are in place to help our Intended Parents feel comfortable with their decision and to help ensure that you are healthy for Surrogacy. To become a Surrogate you must:

  • Have given birth to at least 1 child and be raising your child
  • Be between the ages of 21-38 years
  • No history of serious medical problems during pregnancy or delivery
  • Be healthy with a BMI not to exceed 35, some clinics will not accept a BMI over 32.
  • No history of pre-term deliveries before 36 weeks (unless multiple birth)
  • Be willing and able to provide us with previous delivery records and current pap smear records
  • Have reliable transportation to get to all doctors appointments, please note that most IVF clinics are in larger city
  • Be willing to be medically tested/screened for sexually transmitted disease and submit to a drug screening
  • Must have a stable residence
  • Must agree to a background and a psychological screening