Egg Donor Testimonials

“I was hesitant at first to become a Donor. After speaking with Central Coast Surrogacy about Donation, I felt informed and filled out my profile. I was selected within 2 months. The process was smooth and went by quicker than expected. I am thankful for my experience at Central Coast Surrogacy and am happy to have helped a cancer survivor become a mother.” –Lacy P.

“I was wondering how I was going to pay for my next semester at college. I was referred to Central Coast Surrogacy by a friend who was a prior Donor. I was surprised at how understanding and nice the staff were. I was guided each step of the way and was able to donate during my summer break. Thank you all for helping me to help another family and pay for my last year of college.” –Many C.
“I always knew I wanted to do something great. This was definitely it! I am excited to remain on the list of available Donors and hope to help others.” –Felicia M.
“Always there for me, even if I was just checking in. I know I made the right choice in working with you. I can’t wait to become a Donor.” –Cindy C.