International Parents - Central Coast Surrogacy

Central Coast Surrogacy, LLC is an internationally recognized full service agency and member of Pacific Fertility Institute International. We are proud to help anyone achieve the family of their dreams. To date, we have worked with Intended Parents from mainland China, Hong Kong, Europe,  and Thailand, just to name a few and have an offices in the United States, Beijing, and Saipan. We work in conjunction with some of the best attorneys and reproductive endocrinologists in our field to help for a smooth transition before and after birth for your family and new arrival. Approximately 80% of our cliental is International.

The United States is a popular selection for reproductiveness as it is favorable to Egg Donation and Surrogacy for several reasons. Surrogacy is legal here in several states, and allows for single, gay, married, and unmarried couples to achieve parenthood. It is also known for great legal, societal, and medical conditions. This allows for having children through the United States easy for International Parents.

We at Central Coast Surrogacy, LLC understand the heart ache of feeling so far away from your baby. We offer additional support to our Surrogates carrying for couples who cannot be present. We also openly communicate with our Surrogates on a regular basis and share this information with our parents. We have communication through several means and are available outside of regular business hours to help with direct communications. We also offer translation services at cost to ease the process.