International Testimonials

“When looking at the agency that had a “good feel” we knew right away this was it. We are so happy with our Surrogate and also with our clinic we were referred to. I could not have asked for a better experience. I thought I would never become a parent, but now I am living proof that dreams do come true.” –Adaline W.

“This was an easy process and I was helped each step of the way. I needed much explaining to, as I am not familiar with the legal aspect of Surrogacy. Central Coast Surrogacy went the extra mile to bridge the gap between myself and all the other necessary avenues travels when seeing Surrogacy. I would highly recommend this agency!” –Zili D.

“I cannot say enough how happy I am with your work. You have not only made me a mother, but helped me through the entire process. Your presence at birth was much appreciated. What you do is nothing short of a miracle to others.” –Dana K.