Surrogate Compensation - Central Coast Surrogacy

Surrogates are compensated for all expenses incurred as a result of her pregnancy. This includes, but is not limited to, mileage, lodging and food during the initial phases; and is in addition to her compensations listed below. Requests for other compensations should be made during the application process so this is reflected in your file the Intended Parents will see.

Fee Schedule: (May vary)
Surrogate Compensation $35,000-$60,000 varies based on qualifications ($5,000 repeat fee)
 The surrogate compensation will be paid in monthly installments once fetal heart beat is verified by the physician’s office.
* A previous Surrogate may request higher compensations to be negotiated during the legal contract phase. Surrogate should notify agency in writing of prices requested so this can be noted on her profile. A Surrogate may also request a lower fee to match an Intended Parent’s request.
Twin Compensation $8,000
 In the case of a twin conception, the Surrogate will receive an additional fee compensation of $8,000 to be paid in installments once 20 weeks gestation is reached.
Monthly Misc. Allowance $400
 This allowance is to be used for such things as: telephone calls, faxes, postage, child care, house cleaning fees, or any other additional costs to the Surrogate. Additional misc fee will be added for organic food allowance of $200 should this be requested, bringing misc fee to $600.
Maternity clothing Allowance $1,000
 Once the Surrogate has reached 16 weeks gestation, she will receive a one-time disbursement of $1,000 for clothing.
Gym Fee: $600
Paid direct to the Surrogate’s gym of choice with proof of enrollment. Surrogate must request this optional fee.
Medication Fee $1,000
 This fee is a onetime disbursement for the initial medications required to begin the surrogacy process.
Dropped Cycle Fee: $600.00
Mock Cycle Fee: $600.00
Embryo Transfer Fee $2,000
 Upon the physician’s office verification of embryo transfer, this onetime fee is disbursed to the Surrogate. It is meant to cover bed rest, lost wages and child care at the time of transfer.
Invasive Procedures $1,000
 Should the Surrogate require additional medical procedure, including but not limited to, amniocentesis, D&C, fetal reduction, hysteroscopy, or ectopic pregnancy, this fee will be disbursed.
C-Section $5,000
 The Surrogate will receive an additional $5,000 should a c-section be required for delivery.
Travel Fees Vary
Travel pertaining to surrogacy over 60 miles round trip reimbursed at cost (.60 per mile driven, child care up to $160/24 hours, hotel, plane tickets, food allowance at $50/day, ect)
Lost Wages TBD
 In the event that the Surrogate is put on work restriction or bed rest, she will be compensated her lost wages minus disability payments for said wages. This will continue until 6-8 weeks post-delivery.
Psychological Support $3,000 as needed/requested
 The Surrogate can request support if needed throughout the pregnancy and up to 8 weeks after birth.
Health Insurance
 Should the Surrogate not have insurance coverage that includes maternity, the Intended Parents will be required to purchase a policy for the Surrogate. (typically $5,000-$30,000 medical expense)
Life Insurance
 The Intended Parents will provide the Surrogate a $250,000 one-year life insurance policy at the Surrogate’s request.
Attorney Fees (Surrogate) $1,000 – $3,500
 The Surrogate has the right to legal representation throughout the contract building process at the expense of the Intended Parents.
House Keeping and Childcare required during bed rest will be in addition and will be outlined in your contract. These vary based on needs and do have limits that cannot be exceeded.