Surrogate Packet - Central Coast Surrogacy

Hi and thank you for expressing interest in Surrogacy with us. The attached packet is general and covers Egg Donation too so you only need to focus on Surrogacy and no you do not have to travel out of country (it's an option). We have plenty of families here to. We are proud to work with Intended Parents and Surrogates all over the world. Our Intended Parents come to us for help with creating their family for a variety of reasons, unexplained infertility, infertility as  result of cancer treatment, ext. We offer three different programs for Surrogates to take pat in. We have a Travel Abroad Program which allows Surrogates to travel to Asia to learn about culture for 10 days, a California resident program in which Surrogates stay in CA, and out California contract program, which allows for Surrogates in other states to contact and deliver in California.

Our Surrogates are among the top compensated an most respected We have women interested in Surrogacy for a lot of reasons. Some thought they would never have children and want to help others, so want to make a down payment on a house or start their own business, some are sending kids to college. But most importantly, our Surrogates all love the ability to help another family.

Please see the attached packet and application and let me know if you have any questions.

Once you are ready to move forward, we will need to receive you completed application and profile. These are both in word format and can be filled out on your computer and emailed back. The profile is in the back of the packet. We will also need to receive your birth records and newborn screenings for all pregnancies from your delivering hospitals and your pregnancy logs and last OB physical and pap smear results/labs from your OB. Your OB will also have to write a letter stating she/he considers you healthy for Surrogacy. Once you are matched, we will move forward with collecting more information and scheduling your psychological evaluation and your IVF clearance wit your Intended Family's doctor.

Again thank you for writing me today and best wishes along this journey.

Surrogate Packet

Surrogate Application