Travel Abroad Testimonials

"I will admit, I was incredibly apprehensive to travel to another country. I had not even left California! Central Coast Surrogacy was great in helping me obtain my passport and visa. It was so neat to actually have one! I was able to teach my children about travel and we also researched China together before I left. My flight was booked for me and mileage to the airport and missed wags paid before I left. It was easy to leave knowing everything was arranged before hand. People always ask me about where I stayed. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, which is like a Hilton here in California. It was nice and clean. The front desk would help me to write where I wanted to go in Chinese so that I could give the taxi driver the address. I was able to visit the same clinic my Intended Parents went to and see the Great Wall and a few other sites. I was also able to skype with my family back home. I was away 9 days total, but it went by quickly. I was lucky and tested positive after the first try! I am carrying a single baby girl. I get to email my Intended Parents and will be seeing them in the US for delivery soon! Thank you Danielle from Central Coast Surrogacy for all you do. This is truly an amazing journey." - Marisol P.

"When I was told an Intended Parent using the clinic in Saipan was interested in me as a Surrogate I was so happy. I always loved the tropical island life and this was my chance to live it. My journey was smooth in the beginning. We were able to get l of my records to the clinic my health insurance was purchased, and my passport came right away. Central Coast Surrogacy made sure I had everything I needed right away and I was off before I realized it. My first stay was almost 3 weeks. I had full accommodations and transportation while there. I even was able to hang glide! I was able to use my cell phone to stay in contact with my children and mom. I had to stay a bit longer because my lining took longer to thicken for transfer. My first transfer did not take and I returned 3 months later to try again. This time we knew to start preparing sooner and my trip was only 7 days. It was just as nice and the staff at the clinic were so nice and helpful. They even all took me out to dinner for my birthday. This journey has been amazing and my Intended Parents are so grateful for me. I feel loved and supported by them, the clinic, and my agency. I could have not made a better choice. I am currently waiting for my first ultrasound. Thank you Central Coast Surrogacy for everything." - Lorena B.