Travel Abroad Program for Surrogates by Central Coast Surrogacy

Why Travel Abroad?

We are proud to be the only agency to offer to our Surrogates the opportunity to travel abroad and learn about another culture, the culture where your Surrogate Baby will return to shortly after birth. This is important to some of our Intended Parents as they are able to continue to work through the transfer process and have an opportunity to meet with their Surrogate in person prior to transfer, and it also allows for them to stay with the same Doctor they have been seeing for infertility. Our travel abroad Egg Donors and Surrogates will be following the same routine and procedures as our US based Egg Donors and Surrogates, but will be able to have a paid trip to meet with their Intended Parents IVF Doctors at the Pacific Fertility Institute in either Saipan or Beijing China and travel and tour a new part of the world. These Egg Donors and Surrogates are typically away from home 7-14 days and receive all the compensations associated with travel in their contracts, including child care reimbursement as needed, mileage reimbursement, passport and visa reimbursed, food allowance, hotel accommodations and lost wages.