Frequently Asked Questions About Travel

Yes! Most of our Egg Donors and Surrogates traveling abroad have never traveled out of country before. That’s what makes this program so special. We will help you to obtain your passport and visa prior to travel, schedule your flight and accommodations, and help you each step of the way. Travel out of country can be a scary thought, but we have bilingual staff in Beijing through the clinic who will arrange airport pick up and hotel drop off and staff at our clinic there will be able to assist you as well. The hotel we use in Beijing also has bilingual staff and can help you to schedule a taxi to what tourist sites you are interested in seeing.

How much does it cost to travel abroad?

It costs our Donors and Surrogates no out of pocket money to travel abroad. All expenses are either paid for ahead of time or are able to be reimbursed. This includes payment for medications, transfer, lost wages, food allowance, mileage, hotel, airfare, passport, visa, ect. There may be a time when you choose to do an activity on your own, or buy your children souvenirs; this is ok and can at your expense, but no part of the Surrogacy process will be at your cost.

I will miss my family. Can I communicate with them?

Yes! You are welcome to use your cell phone or the hotel phone to call home. You can also bring your laptop or kindle and connect via the hotel wifi to skype or email. I personally use my cell phone and can still access my facebook, email, and wechat my family while I travel abroad.

Will I be able to reach someone from my agency if I have a question or need help?

Yes! We are always here to help our Donors and Surrogates. We will set up a plan and communication schedule based on your method of communication. Our Director always has access to her cell phone, email, facebook, skype and wechat accounts, which you will have access to. As well as bilingual staff in Beijing.

Is Beijing a safe place to explore?

Beijing China is a safe place to explore. We have traveled there several times with Surrogates and have had great experiences each time. The people of Beijing are kind and happy to see Americans wanting to explore and learn language and culture. The crime rate in Beijing is low and there are visible law officers around. Please exercise normal cautions, such as not traveling alone at night or going anywhere alone with a stranger to be safe and be cognizant of your surroundings.

What is the flight like?

Long! The flight to Saipan and Beijing can be anywhere from 14 hours to 18 hours. We try to book straight through flights when possible, but lay overs can be unavoidable at times. We recommend bringing a book or an activity you like to do, dressing comfortably to allow for sleeping, and layer your clothing. Meals are served in flight and you are allowed to walk isles and use the restroom. Most flights also have movies, tv shows, and games on the seat backs.

Are the hotels in Beijing normal?

Love this question. Yes they are, toilets too. We book at modern westernized hotels, they look just like ours here in the US. A common hotel we use is Holiday Inn Express Beijing. It has a kitchen around the clock, laundry facility, English TV channels, a currency exchange machine, gym, lounge, a business center, and English speaking staff to help you at any time.

What is the schedule like?

Typically Surrogates and Donors will already be contacted and started on their fertility medication prior to leaving the US. The first day you will be able to rest and set up your hotel room. The following day you will meet at the IVF Clinic to have your labs and check your uterine lining or follicles. If all looks well then transfer will be scheduled for 3-4 days after and then bed rest at the hotel for the next 24 hours. After this, you will be able to resume moderate walking and go home 1-2 days after. If your lining is not quite ready for transfer, your doctor will adjust your medications and check again in 2-3 days. The first 4 days (or longer if your lining is not quite ready) you will be able to pick what activities/sites you would like to see. After transfer most Surrogates stay near to the hotel and mostly rest before flight home.

What is there to do?

The hotel will have some activities, like the gym, business center, and TV for your spare time. Sites to see and culture are the best part. While there it is nice to see the Beijing Zoo, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Silk Market (name brand items for less), Ming Tombs, Lama Temple, just to name a few.