About Central Coast Surrogacy, Surrogate & Egg Donation

Thank you so much for choosing to open your heart with Central Coast Surrogacy, LLC as your agency. We understand the struggle that many couples have had to overcome to get this far and are proud that you have taken the next step in helping them to realize their dream of expanding their family. It takes a warm and caring soul to become an Egg Donor and/or Surrogate.

Central Coast Surrogacy, LLC is a full service agency with offices in California, Texas, Beijing, and Saipan. We provide many services and resources to assist all families. We assist Intended Parents in the selection of an Egg Donor and/or Surrogate, insurance/broker for their Surrogate, IVF clinic selection, monitoring facilities for their Surrogate, attorney for you and your Intended Parents, Psychologist, background clearances, and case management throughout the process for both you and your Intended Parent’s. As a prior Egg Donor and Surrogate myself, as founder, I hope to help you through this process with ease and understanding. I have many connections in the field of assisted reproduction as well, who will be more than happy to assist as needed.
As some of my clients know, I have spent the past 20 years helping families. I began working with children and counseling families, obtaining a master’s degree in Psychology and am studying reproductive and adoption law, and have found my passion. As a Surrogate mother I realized that there are many families struggling to feel complete, and I had the tools and resources needed to help them. I have made this my life mission. To help empower woman through Egg Donation, Surrogacy, and creating their family. 
Our staff and supporting agencies and attorneys are selected personally by me and are among the best in the field, most compassionate, and hardest working. We work above and beyond what you would expect and take our work and our family’s journeys personal. This makes us dynamic and highly sought after.
Central Coast Surrogacy, LLC has helped many couples, including International families, to add special additions to their home. Some families are local to the United States, while others are from countries, such as: China, Italy, Germany, and the UK. Our Surrogates are based in the United States, but our Intended Parents are from around the world.